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Difference Between Chauffeurs and Drivers

If you planning to get the services of chauffeurs, they completely differ from that of drivers. Find out the differences between these two.

The Cheapest Way to Rent a Car

While these pointers can help you get an inexpensive rental car, you can find an added surefire way to save lots of money.

Reasons to Rent a Sport Car

Rent of the sports vehicle will also provide you with the chance to see the sort of attention that you'll attract because of this. Though it may in the beginning make you feel great, consider whether this is something that you'll get sick and tired of if you actually owned the automobile.

High Valued Cars available on Cheap Rental rates

Availing high priced cars like Bentley on rental is a very lucrative business in Dubai but the rates offered to customers are often very high due to maintenance. Our customers can call us for luxurious cars on rental basis at affordable rates.

Tips to Save Tyre in Dubai from Hot Weather

A tyre can burst in a hot weather more easily when the driver is at high speed which can eventually lead to a disastrous accident. Save your car from excessive heat and don’t let your tyre burst in Dubai with these tips. 

Benetti Yachts Dubai: History

Benetti is a world-renowned brand in the yacht segment, and has won itself numerous awards and mentions owing to its magnificent yachts.

How Private Yachts Work

Private yachts are broadly divided into two categories, both of which are characterized by certain key features such as luxury amenities, range and use of technology on board, and light and durable hulls.