Best Automotive Dealing in UAE

The company's relentless efforts to satisfy all its customers' needs has also helped it to grow from strength to strength. We believe in developing longterm relationships with all our clients and customers through mutual trust, support, respect and open communication.

  58815 Din/jis Dry Charge & Maintenance Free Automotive Battery

58815   Din/jis Dry Charge & Maintenance Free Automotive Battery
1) Model No.58815
2) Nominal Capacity: 88Ah (20HR)
3) Voltage: 12V
4)   Dimensions:350*175*175mm 

  Din Dry Charge & Maintenance Free Car Battery

1) Model No.:56638
2) Nominal Capacity: 66Ah (20HR)
3) Voltage: 12V
4) Dimensions:278*175*190m


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Euro Trade line is an automotive dealing company in UAE that offers to you batteries and tires for your automobile. We have been a renowned name since 1991 and plan to take that forward keeping intact our quality and reputation. We conduct various quality tests time to time to ensure that we serve nothing but the best to our clients.

Our reliability has made our customers permanent and we are a trustworthy brand to them. Since the beginning of the company, the company has grown at a steady pace and has emerged as one of the leading exporters in automotive tires, tubes, batteries and accessories!

Our Services for all Sort of Spare Parts!

Our services that we offer are many but all are guaranteed quality and reliability. We make sure to put in all our efforts in order to make the services that we provide exceptional for you. the services we provide are:

  • Oil Change services:
    This automobile procedure requires draining out old oil and replacing it with new oil, along with changing the filter. We do that for you!
  • Car Battery Maintenance:
    It is important to make sure your cars remains running smoothly without any problem. We make sure to help you maintain your car battery so that it can work perfectly for all its life
  • Car wash:
    You need to get your car cleaned every few days so that it looks perfect, along with that it is important to use professional materials to make sure that the body isn’t hurt, we offer you car wash to ensure that your car stays shining and clean!
  • Car A/C services:
    We help you maintain your car A/C so that it may not break down and it runs smoothly
  • Tyre services:
    Your tires need services too. A regular check on them and replacing them can help you be carefree for long and short trips
  • Brake Services:
    It is important for you to keep your brake in impeccable condition and regularly get it checked. We offer to you brake services too!

Professional Automotive Dealers in Dubai:

We are professionals and our team is lead by experts. Here is why we are your number one choice!

  • We are automotive service excellence certified
  • We offer guarantees
  • We are reviewed by some of the top companies
  • We excel in most car types
  • We have trusted affiliations!

Our reliable and professional service has made us a dependable service for many!


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