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Choose the Right Car Tyres in Dubai

Euro Trade line UAE was first established in 1991. It didn’t take much time to grow since the customer service offered was always at its best. Throughout time we have constantly proved ourselves and been sure to provide services and products that are high quality and at unbeatable prices. 

We mainly deal in batteries and tyres of automobiles. Our car tyres are of several types and are imported from the leading brands from around the world. We offer almost all kinds of tyres that will go with any kind of automobile that you own. Our aim remains quality and service to our customers so that the trust they have in us remains intact and we can continue to provide them with exceptional products! 

Out of the many kinds of tyres, all for special purposes, we offer all or most kinds of the best tyres in Dubai. Our tyres are imported from all over the world ensuring quality and standard. A few kinds of tyres that we offer are

  • Summer tyres:
    In a place like UAE, where summer is most years around tyres should be carefully chosen. Summer tyres usually have a block shape tread pattern that gives a rigid grip with the road and avoids slipping on summer rains too!
  • Winter tyres:
    They are essential to those who have to drive on ice or snow. These are designed in a way to keep the strongest grip on the road and control slippery surfaces. These tyres are made from silica which stops from getting cold!
  • All-season tyres:
    They are as the name suggests. Specially designed to deal with all kinds of weather.
  • Wet Weather tyres:
    These tires are specially designed to cope in rainy or wet areas.
  • Performance tyres:
    These tires are specially designed for those people that like to drive swiftly. These tyres are comparatively softer and are able to stand higher temperatures.
  • All-terrain tyres:
    They are used for driving in the mud.
  • Run-flat tyres:
    These are new types of tyres that run smoothly even when it is punctured. This allows you to temporarily safely drive home or to the nearest tyre shop once your tyre is punctured!

What Suits Your Car in Dubai

There are so many tyres to choose from even from us. This is why it is important to note a few things while selecting tyres!

  • Establish the tyre size
  • Know tyres according to seasons
  • Take a look at your vehicle
  • Look at the lifespan
  • And always remember to buy a spare and don't forget to ask about Sumitomo tyres price in Dubai.

You also need to look at the quality but with Euro Trade line; you do not need to worry about that since our tyres are quality guaranteed!




Standard: Euro-Standard
Productivity: 10000 SETS/MONTH
Unit Price/Payment: TT AND L/C

Product Description

Bias Truck tires:
Bias Heavy Duty Truck Tire: 8.25-20, 9.00-20, 10.00-20, 11.00-20, 12.00-20
Bias Light Truck Tire: LT7.00-15, LT7.50-16, LT8.00-14.5, ST225/75D-15
Bias Trailer Tire: 500-12, 600-14, 650-14, 650-15, 750-15, 650-16, 700-16, 750-16, 825-16


Model NO.: E4, L4, haulage service,
Standard: Euro-Standard
Productivity: 800PCS/MONTH
Unit Price/Payment: TT AND L/C

Product Description

1) Heat and abrsion resistant compound, big tread blocks and cut resistant casing make the tire suitable for heavy duty mining dump trucks, mobile crane, straddle carrier, container stacker, and other container machineries operating in ports, yards., etc.
2) Sizes available: 16.00-25, 18.00-25, 21.00-25, 24.00-29, 18.00-33, 21.00-33, 21.00-35, 24.00-35, 27.00-49, 33.00-51, 40.00-57 E4/L4
Radial OTR Tyre E3/L3

Radial OTR Tyre E3/L3

Model NO.: 15.5r25 E3/L3 W-2A/E3 L3
Standard: DOT, CCC, ECE, ISO
Productivity: 200, 000pcs
Unit Price/Payment: TT AND L/C
Trademark: Marcher,

Product Description

Radial OTR Tyre E3/L3 - Loader tyre, Scooper Tire., etc

1)With Cut and Heat Resistant Compound, fuel saving structure, wide tread pattern, the tires have prolonged life span and more competitive fuel saving property. They are suitable for scrappers, loaders, trucks, and grader., etc...
2) Size available: 15.5R25, 17.5R25, 20.5R25, 23.5R25, 26.5R25, 29.5R25 E3/L3