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Car AC Services and Maintenance in Dubai

Over the years cars have become a necessity to travel since it is a proven fact that people spend a good time in their cars. This is why modern vehicles have A/C in them to provide the luxury factor for you! However, it means another thing you have to worry about maintaining, but not anymore! Euro Trade line offers Car AC services by professionals!

Once you give your car to us, you car will be in professional hands and we will examine your car system thoroughly to check if it needs any maintenance or fixation.

Understand Your Car A/C System:

When you have a car AC, you need to understand it to diagnose it. Here is a short guideline on your car air conditioning system

  • It has a compressor that is used to pressurize the system of air conditioning in optimum way and precisely circulate around the refrigerant
  • Another part is the condenser that is used to eradicate the heat out of the refrigerant
  • Evaporator is a part that is used to completely absorb all the heat from inside and interior of the car
  • A metering device is used to change pressure around the AC system from high to low
  • Hoses are metal or rubber lines that are used to carry the refrigerant
  • Refrigerant is the fluid inside the whole system of your car

Diagnose Your Car Air Conditioning Problems

It is important to check what stage air conditioning system of your car is working on. To do that follow these steps:

  • Start the engine and make sure it is running, a while switch on your car air-conditioning. Start from the fan option and slowly take it to the max option
  • Listen for possible unusual noises from your air conditioner. Noise could tell you that your car A/C has a faulty compressor
  • Feel the air which is coming out of the AC vents and see whether it’s blowing cold air or not. Also note the temperature change
  • Notice the air pressure by turning the gauge various times to test it on different settings
  • Smell and find out the odor in the air which is coming out from the vents. Bad smell can indicate a faulty air filter
  • Check and clean your detachable car air filter.

After doing a quick check up, bring your car to us so that our professional and expert team can look into your car a/c and fix it to make it as good as new. Remember trying to fix it yourself can permanently ruin your car A/C and also affect other parts of your car. Our services are to offer you satisfaction and comfort only!