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Car Wash Services in Dubai

When you have a car you know you have to keep it maintained. But it is not only defined to the inside machinery. It is important to keep the body of your car clean too so that it does not give a negative effect and keeping a strong body can protect the machinery inside!

Euro Trade Line offers in their many services car wash service too. Car wash can be done at home, yes! But you need to get your car washed professionally too so that it sparkles and scratches and dents are cleared! You can always wash your car at home but remember to never use any harsh products that may ruin your car’s body!

Different Types of Car Wash that We Offer in UAE!

Euro trade line offers several types of car wash to offer to you. Select your type and get your car clean and spotless! It is to note that mechanized car washes can ruin the car’s finesse which is why we discourage it! The following are a few that we offer!

  • Hand car wash-
    Our workers wash your car by a soft hand making sure that every part of the car is cleaned
  • In-bay automatic car wash-
    this type is done through an automatic machine and dryer that rolls in different directions on a stopped car
  • Tunnel washes-
    In this type of car wash, your car is placed on a conveyor belts that passes the car through several phases of cleaning
  • Chemical Car wash-
    In chemical car wash we use specially designed chemicals for your car’s body and polish to make it look clean and spotless without harming the car
  • Steam Car washes-
    In steam car washes, steam along with micro fiber towels are used to clean the car. This is an eco friendly way to make your car look perfect

Reasons to wash your car!

Obviously we all know that keeping your car clean is a good thing but do you know that these reasons to wash your car?

  • The better the condition of your car, the more resale value it will have.
  • Clean car communicates pride and confidence. It’s a psychological fact, can’t deny it
  • Washing your car will allow you to have a cleaner look through the mirror hence preventing accidents
  • Did you know the cleaner the car, the less wind resistance? This way you can save a lot of fuel
  • Protect yourself from bacteria that your car carries

Don’t waste your precious time and money on buying supplies and cleaning cars. Invest it on us so that we can do it professionally for you!