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Dune Bashing Tips for Your Visit in Dubai

Most travellers only realize what they’ve missed out on after departing the land you’ve just visited. Irrespective of your reason to visit Dubai, it will be almost naïve to exit the country without getting involved in some dune bashing action. Based on the time you have available, you can choose between 1-hour, 2-hour, or even full-day buggy desert tours to indulge in dune bashing. Listed below are some useful tips to be followed during dune bashing escapades in the Emirate.

The Tour Guidelines

The first thing of importance is to choose a proven tour operator. No point in spending time and money on an operator who has minimal to zero experience. Secondly, adhere to the rules and guidelines put forth by your rental company/tour operator. Being cocky won’t help you find your way back if you are lost, as footprints and tread marks almost instantly disappears. Here are some cardinal guidelines you need to follow for your success, safety, and fun;

  • Put on Comfortable Clothing and Necessary Safety Gears
  • Be sure to follow guide’s instructions
  • Carry with you only the necessities
  • Choose the time for dune bashing carefully

Dune Bashing Dubai

Dune Bashing on a Dirt Bike?

Before going into the details, it is necessary to understand what dune bashing exactly means. Dune bashing refers to the use of automobiles – whether it be quad bikes or dune buggies to drive across the dunes at increased and decreased speeds. It is also possible with a dirt bike, but riders will need to go through some basic training to be able to do so without any incidents. If you are confident about your capabilities, inquire with rental agency if they do have dirt bikes available.

What About a Desert Safari?

Unlike a dune buggy tour, desert safaris are relatively safe as you are not required to do much apart from sitting behind a 4x4 and take in all that you see around you. Desert safaris do have its charm, but they are boring unless you are not prepared to break a sweat.

Dune Bashing UAE

Finally – a Dune Buggy Tour

A dune buggy safari will give you a unique desert experience on top of a customized drive that’ll suit your heart’s desires. Mostly available only as a guided tour, a buggy tour will enable you to experience the warm weather and harsh sandy terrain like never before.