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The Benefits for long-term car lease in Dubai

Dubai has transformed into a wide spread land where having a car for transportation is a necessity. Not everyone can afford the expenses of owning a car of their own. This is exactly where car rentals come in action as a problem solver. Car rentals serve people by offering them a wide range of cars to choose from and the customers can lease them on long-term right off from the showroom floor. Long-term lease is the kind of lease which lasts for more than 24 to 36 months.

The following benefits of long term car lease in Dubai will convince you why this is an ideal option.


Lower Monthly Payments

You can drive a new car in Abu Dhabi right off the showroom floor for fairly low upfront costs. In case of lease extension, negotiating lower payments will be easier.

Dubai’s Top Long-Term Car Lease Service More Miles To Drive

The concept of common to have a restricted number of miles is very common, that you can drive using a vehicle when you lease it. This however can be possible that the dealership may allow increased miles if your leasing for long-term.

Drive New Cars More Often

This is the greatest advantage of leasing a car for a longer-term. You get the opportunity of driving a new car, that too of your choice- especially if you choose us, they keep their word.

Drive the ‘Unaffordable’ Luxury Cars

Majority of the people in UAE do not earn exuberant sums, and this is why they just cannot afford the luxury of owning a lavish car. There are still so many people driving luxurious cars, and that’s because of leasing and car rentals. You are given a chance to experience the latest vehicles with the latest and safest technologies, which may otherwise not be affordable by you.

Always be Covered by Warranty

Paperkay Car RentalsEvery manufacturer provides a number of service contracts that usually last no lesser than 36-months, so for the time period you lease the vehicle, it will always be covered for any repairs. You are usually covered with a variety of warranties with every lease lasting approximately for 3 years. No money has to be spent from your own pocket, except for oil changes and other basics. New warranties through every lease, you can always remain free of maintenance worries.

No Depreciation Worries

This is a concern for every other car owner. The minute a car is bought, it starts losing its value as it hits the roads. Over a few months, its re-sale value is not too good and therefore your money is gone. This is not at all a headache when you lease a car.

As you lease a car, you must be confident that its depreciation is not at all your headache as the vehicle belongs to the dealer and all you’re doing is paying just to drive it. This carries no baggage of stress or worry.