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Process OF Car Detailing Services

No car remains same as the first day when it was purchased, that’s why the car maintenance companies do the job for you. The paint and polish maintenance services by the professionals can make your car new and stylish just like it is coming from showroom straight. Car polish in Dubai - Mr. Cars UAE is the one for you if you are looking best car services in UAE. The professionals ensure you that they will handle all of your stress while the car is in their hands.

The dust, stains, dents and faded paint are all can be repaired under one roof at the outlet of Mr. cars. The company is very good at detailing and car cleaning job in minutes. The car detailing service process is also very easy. Your car can be picked up the mechanics of the Mr. Cars no matter where you are. After having a keen look at the services required by your vehicle the company will provide you with the best and affordable rates lesser than market price and the professionals will start their services once the deal got finalized. The company also ensures to deliver your vehicle to the place you want after completing the car detailing and cleaning services.

Cleaning of an engine your carThe interior and exterior car detailing services include:

  • Cleaning of an engine:

The professionals start the car detailing by cleaning the engine from the dust particles and pollutants to make it work better and smoothly just like the new one.

  • Interior cleaning:

Just like the engine, the interior parts such as vents, dashboards and other parts of the vehicle also needs cleaning. The professionals work hard to remove dust particles from interior parts even from the hard to reach places.

  • Cleaning headlights:

The cleaning of headlights is also the part of interior cleaning and done with the special care and detailing. The professionals make sure that no pollutants and dust remains on the glass of headlights.

  • Wax and polish with swirl free base:

Interior cleaning car in service UAEThe professionals of the Mr. Cars give a brand new look to your vehicle by coating the car with the swirl free base, wax, and polish.

  • Removing stains from windows:

The expert mechanics also removes stubborn stains and streaks from the car windows.

  • Wheel and tire cleaning process:

The company uses different liquids to clean the tires and wheels not only from outside but also from inside to make it run more smoothly. The liquids used for the cleaning of tires are of high quality and does not harm the rubber and metal of the tires.

Mr. Cars in UAE is one of the best company to transform your cars into new even after using it for years. The company is making their satisfied customers happy with the best possible care and maintenance services for the vehicles.

Source: mrcars.ae