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Benetti Yachts Dubai: History

Benetti yachtsBenetti is one of the foremost names in the collection of yacht builders around the globe.

The company was established in 1873 when it started to make wood boats for local and international companies.

When the second generation of owners took over, they worked tirelessly to extend the name of the brand far beyond Europe.

When wooden boats started becoming obsolete, the company delved into constructing its boats from steel. It was soon after this that the company started building luxury yachts for international customers.

The company’s fleet has several large yachts in the 30 to 60 meter classifications, alongside numerous other larger luxury vessels.

Today, the yard is much larger and makes use of innovative methods that combine with its rich 140-year history to give its buyers and partners magnificent experiences.


The Benetti Tradition is one of the company’s traditional vessels, making use of fiberglass bodies that go all the way to 99 feet in length, and supported by Caterpillar engines, which give it the speed of 15 knots.

The Benetti Classic is also modeled on a look similar to its traditional vessels, even though this series has bigger hulls.

The boats have engines that can generate over 1650 horsepower, giving the vessel a maximum speed of 16 knots.

The Benetti vision is a sophisticated yacht design making use of a larger body.

The vessel makes use of more modern design aspects and has two engines that power it, giving each one the ability to plough up 1300 horsepower.

Although this is less than the previous variety, the vessel takes speed down a notch to add better fuel efficiency. The yacht has an amazing exterior look, also incorporating equipment for water leisure activities.


Standarts yachtsBenetti yacht rental Dubai are designed in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards stipulated by major certification groups across the world.

While it is crucial to be putting time and effort into building a state of the art vessel that is also up to the mark as far as the requirements put forward by the buyer are concerned, it is also important for the building process to have a proper consideration of the relevant safety parameters.

The BS OH SAS 18001 certificate embodies the company’s compliance with the required manufacturing site standards.

Part of this is ensuring the highest possible care is given to elements such as workplace safety and an amicable work environment.

This certification makes it the only company in the world to have secured it.

The company is also fully dedicated to ensuring that it makes use of environment friendly processes and methods in its manufacturing stages.

It pays close attention to building yachts so as to render them as sustainable as possible, and drive emissions and the use of pollutants down.